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Get more clients, improve customer satisfaction and create loyally by using Travel Web Works Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools.


Our products and services allow you to build strong relationships with both Travel Agents and Travelers.

Travel Web Works' customer relationship management (CRM) tools facilitate customer communication and interaction. Travel Web Works' booking engine is pivotal in enabling your customers to build their itineraries to their specifications. The superior service delivered in meeting your customers' travel needs through your web site is a compelling reason for them to revisit your site again and again. Customer loyalties are strengthened through such features as the ability to design a trip, save it and retrieve it several days later to modify or finalize it. Features that accommodate personalizing can be added to your site. For example, next time someone returns to your web site, they could be greeted by their name...


Mailing List Manager

Promote your Travel Specials to 1000's instantly at almost no cost to you — Capture e-mail addresses from your web site visitors. Travel Web Works maintains a mailing list server that is available for sending personalized e-mail to your customers and specific customer subsets. For example, you may wish to communicate to the portion of your list that lives in a specific locality, or you may want to reach people that are interested in a specific type of trip. E-mail is a fast, efficient and low-cost method of sending announcements, special promotional notices, newsletters and other messages to recipients that have visited your web site. Travel Web Works sets up the form for this purpose on your web site and gives you access to a password-protected area where you can manage your list and blast your e-mail messages to thousands instantly in-house.


Mailing Labels Generation

Responding quickly to requests increases the return on investment in promotional aids — A service that many of our clients appreciate is the electronic capture of names and addresses of web site visitors that request a brochure. When brochure requests pour in, it can be difficult for travel professionals and their staffs to keep up. A brochure mailed immediately upon request stands a much greater chance of delivering the impact it was designed to have. Certainly, rewriting addresses not only entails drudgery, but also inevitably produces mistakes. Once captured from your web site, your customer's contact information is transferred to a database from which mailing labels may be printed. An especially useful feature is the capability to specify the number of labels to be printed for different types of requesters. For example, you may wish to send 5 brochures to a Travel Agent, while you may only send one to a single traveler.



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The most cost efficient way to manage your Customer Relationships is from your web site or via the Internet.

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