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The Package Builder is an intelligent travel planner that places control over trip options and features in the hands of the traveler.

Convert your visitors to customers Advertise and take reservations on your web site for your travel offers and packages. Save time by allowing the customers to set their preferences and specify their travel requirements directly online. Match any budget with your best sellers.

Spark customer interest Preselect destinations, transportation, accommodations and activities, and let them browse and select on their own through the different features and options. Meet their needs and exceed their expectations by offering as many choices as possible.

Control your margins and reduce clerical errors — Like the Booking Engine, the Package Builder is connected to a database of products and services which is the repository of all your net rates and contracted fares. At any time you can modify your rates and markups. Even though the customer only sees a total package price, it is computed automatically by adding together all the different trip component rates you preselected.

Update easily and manage efficiently — The Package Builder shares with the Booking Engine the same databases of product rates and descriptions. Unseen by your web site visitor and password-protected, the online administration interface, is available to use whenever you wish to update products, service rates and descriptions, terms, rules, markups and currency exchange rates. It also allows your agents to verify and process all bookings that are made through the booking engine.

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The Package Builder offers travel recommendations and a potent up-selling device , all without the need to interact with the travel professional.

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