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Why do I need an comprehensive Internet booking engine? — Simpler approaches might be workable for a single airline ticket or a hotel reservation. For a complex trip including air, car, hotel, and even travel insurance, airport transfers and other components your web site visitor can select from many travel choices and complete trip planning and purchasing online in real time without ever talking to an agent. Your customer's satisfaction results in increased transactions. The efficiency gains are impressive and the likelihood of up-selling are high.

What should I expect from my web site? — You should expect your web site to be a selling tool and to become an integral part of your business. You should expect higher revenue with less effort. Your web site is also the key to increasing employee productivity, improving customer relationships and producing higher profits.

If I upgrade my web site, what benefits will I receive? — Your benefits are entirely governed by your present status with respect to pursuing the potential of e-travel for your business, and the scope of your project. Travel Web Works will work to meet your goals. Check "Benefits of E-Travel" for more information.

What are Travel Web Works' qualifications? Why should I select Travel Web Works? — Travel Web Works brings to your organization years of experience in information technology and web site solutions. Our technical capabilities are strong and our products are robust and advanced. On this foundation your web site can evolve incrementally and affordably for years to come. Our specialization in the travel industry accelerates the amount of time required to provide you with a solution to meet your specifications. The comprehensive, single source service that we provide, including our web hosting services, assures you of prompt response after your initial project is completed. Our satisfied clients are further testimony to the quality of Travel Web Works' products, and we will be pleased to have you contact any of them.

How will Travel Web Works help my firm to gain more customers? — The global answer is that you will have a web site and related capabilities that are very effective. The specific answer is that Travel Web Works has expertise in presenting your web site to the major search engines and internet directories. Your high ranking in lists pulled onto the desktops of individuals who are searching on the Internet will give you a competitive edge and additional customers.

How much should my upgraded new web site cost? — We will review your present situation and discuss your objectives and budget with you. In most cases clients do not have unlimited budgets and we are asked to advise concerning priorities and cost tradeoffs. Usually our knowledge of a few key factors will permit us to give you an estimated cost range.

What is the difference between big travel portals like Expedia, Travelocity, Cheaptickets and Travel Web Works' booking engine? — While many Web agents such as Expedia and Travelocity allow consumers to book air, car and hotel, those sites simply duplicate information available on one CRS/GDS which presents a relatively narrow range of travel choices. With TWW's Internet Booking Engine multiple reservation systems communicate with each others. This results in the traveling public having fewer choices. Moreover TWW's Internet Booking Engine is linked to a repository of your products' rates and you have 100% control on pricing strategies.

How can I be sure that I will receive business through my new web site? — Increasing traffic to your web site is a start. Assuring that your web site functions effectively is the next step. Part of effective functioning is attention to all of the factors that will take a web site visitor through the steps and encourage a decision to purchase. More advanced web sites allow the customer to complete booking and payment online with no interaction by an agent.

How do I know what level of capability I need in my web site? — This is determined by your objectives and by estimating your probable return on investment in your web site. Travel Web Works' experience in working with many leisure travel organizations has helped us to develop guidelines that we will be happy to share with you.

Why should I get started with a web site upgrade now? — The earlier you begin, the quicker you will receive the benefits and be in a position to take even more advantage of the potential of e-travel solutions to profitably grow your business. A second reason is that increasingly your competitors will be migrating toward more powerful solutions for their customers. You will have a competitive edge if you adopt the solutions your customers want before they do.



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